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Food Allergy

Effectively Manage or Reverse Food Allergies with Functional Medicine

Food allergies may affect your quality of life without you noticing. Here at Hoyt Integrative Health, we want to help Murrieta and Temecula, CA, residents as well as our virtual clientele  better handle the issues posed by those allergies.

You cannot afford to minimize the effect that food allergies and sensitivities could have on your health. Moreover, those reactions are troubling because they can cause significant short and long-term issues.

Let’s take a closer look at the impact food reactions have on us. By the end of this article, you will also see that food reactivity is better managed and corrected, having the potential for reversal of some food sensitivities with the help of functional medicine.

How Food Allergies Affect Us

When we think of allergic reactions to food, we tend to envision people breaking out in rashes, experiencing itchiness all over the body, and having difficulty breathing. Those apparent signs of distress are not the only reasons we must be wary of food intolerances.

You see, food allergies may also cause inflammation inside the body. This type of inflammation is more likely to persist, because you may not be aware of it until it causes more severe problems. A common example is sinusitis associated with food allergies, non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity causing Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis complicated by certain reactions.

Those serious problems may include inflammatory autoimmunity, arthritis, hormone imbalance, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer. In some cases the chronic inflammation caused by your food allergies could be the driving factor behind developing those diseases.

To counteract the threat posed by your food allergies, you must recognize them as issues in the first place. That’s where Hoyt Integrative Health comes in.

Functional Medicine in Managing Food Allergies

Hoyt Integrative Health seeks to fully understand your condition. We thoroughly discuss your medical history, your close relatives’ medical history, current living conditions, the environments you interact with, and numerous other things that could impact your health. We  do that to ensure we have the complete picture. Your doctor wants to understand how your body works before you proceed.

Highly Specialized Recovery

We will devise a comprehensive health plan that accounts for each aspect of your medical history. The doctor may give you a food allergy panel that is likely to be more comprehensive than traditionally ordered in the standards of care. This can help to direct your diet on a path to recovery.  At Hoyt a comprehensive, holistic, and tailored approach has the ability to bring lasting results rather than short term bandaids which frequently lead to chronic disease. 

Benefits of Hoyt Integrative

At Hoyt Integrative Health in Murrieta and Temecula, CA, we use functional medicine to heal our patients. Visit our office if you want to try it firsthand. You can contact us at (951) 973-0773 to schedule an appointment or you can schedule an appointment online.