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Chron’s Disease

Tips for Managing Crohn’s Disease and How Holistic Approaches Can Help

Crohn’s Disease is a debilitating condition that can have a big impact on your quality of life. With proper care and management, it is possible to put Crohn’s Disease into remission for good. If you’re suffering from this condition, speak with our integrative medicine professional at Hoyt Integrative Health in the greater Temecula and Murrieta area.

Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that can cause a variety of problems. The right integrative medicine approach can provide relief and can help you live life on your own terms. If you’re looking for holistic health in Temecula, schedule an appointment right away.

Crohn’s Disease: The Condition and Functional Medicine Care Explained

We regularly see patients with inflammatory bowel disease regain normal well-formed once or twice daily bowel movements free of blood and pus. Some of these patients have previously had multiple gastrointestinal surgeries, life threatening complications, steroids, blood transfusions etc.  That said, with proper integrative medicine, it is possible put Crohn’s Disease into remission for good. If not cared for properly, however, this condition can lead to potentially fatal complications. The right holistic medicine approach can be life changing but it does require careful attention to detail including what foods are right for you. There is not one specific diet as this can vary from patient to patient.

Those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease often experience nausea, bloating, diarrhea, and general discomfort. This inflammatory bowel condition can also lead to mouth sores and fevers. While you may only be suffering mild symptoms now, it’s possible that your symptoms will worsen with time. That’s why it’s smart to seek holistic health care sooner rather than later.

Working with Crohn’s Disease can be difficult. Often, a holistic approach may provide the best results not just today, but in the future as well. The body is a complex, deeply intertwined system. Unmanaged stress, food allergies, a poor diet, and various other things may be influencing your condition. By speaking with our professional who offers holistic care and extensive experience, it is possible to get your Crohn’s free life back and enjoy the freedoms you previously had.

Functional medicine involves a holistic view of the body. Various systems including adrenals, along with eating habits, gastrointestinal microbes,  and other factors are all closely examined. Urine and stool testing may uncover insights and your own lifestyle choices may shed light on your condition. Without a holistic and integrated medical approach, it’s easy to miss warning signs and potential causes.

Whether you access us virtually or you reside in the greater Temecula and Murrieta area we can help.  Get in touch with Hoyt Integrative Health so you can learn about remission of Crohn’s Disease using integrative medicine.