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Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue Care

Everyone gets tired after a hard workday or strenuous workout. Exhaustion happens when our body runs out of fuel and energy to keep going, needing a break to recharge. If we didn’t listen to our bodies when that happens, serious injuries might start to occur. Unlike a machine that can run for a long time without rest, our bodies might need a recharge a lot sooner. However, when fatigue kicks in that won’t go away, even with rest and food, something else is happening that needs serious attention. We at Hoyt Integrative Health are here to help. Regardless of your proximity to Temecula, CA, or Murrieta, CA, our virtual approach lets us assist you via telemedicine.

The Difference Between Being Tired and Fatigued

Fatigue is a symptom that can be triggered by a number of causes. It’s not restricted to just one factor. It can be produced through poor diet, dehydration, organ trouble, circulatory problems, toxins in the system, infection, and more.

Chronic Fatigue Takes the Issue Deeper

No matter how much sleep and rest happens, the syndrome still seems to keep a person slogging through mental mud, physically weak, and unable to react or function quickly or with energy. People are able to work, function, and interact, but they are somewhat off their game and may lose their motivation and require naps during the day.

A Symptom of Other Serious Issues

Fatigue can also be triggered by serious health problems. Cancer, diabetes, and even mental health problems can rob a person of the energy they need to feel normal and confident in the day. Instead, a person just wants to stay in bed until the pain and tiredness goes away. In these instances, again, the body is shutting itself down, trying to repair internally, but it can’t or is overwhelmed.

How a Functional Medicine Practitioner May Help

Holistic care may help. Our practitioner can help put the whole body back where it should be. Poorly managed diet might not be quite obvious to many patients, but it can have a serious impact on internal organs such as the gut, stomach, and heart. Comprehensive testing leads us to the diagnosis. We can’t overlook mitochondrial dysfunction which is seldom tested.

If you’re suffering from fatigue or tiredness that just won’t go away, call our office at Hoyt Integrative Health. We can take a natural approach to helping overcome tiredness effectively without relying on pharmaceuticals. Regardless of your proximity to Temecula, CA, or Murrieta, CA, our virtual approach lets us assist you via telemedicine. Our team focuses on functional medicine that can help directly addresses the causes of fatigue and physical energy loss. Call us today for an appointment. Call us at (951) 973-0773 for more information.