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In the world of chronic skin conditions, eczema is probably one of the most irritating conditions. As the body ages, it begins to show up with more frequency. What starts as an irritating itch or rash ends up becoming a recurring skin injury, and the skin doesn’t completely recover. Scratching breaks the skin open, and the skin develops a rough, irritating layer that easily cracks and breaks again. Hoyt Integrative Health of Murrieta, CA offers recovery from Eczema.


The root of chronic eczema comes as an allergic reaction in the skin to an irritant. The irritant can be from a wide variety of issues from contact with environmental allergies, to food allergies, intestinal overgrowths, parasites, pet dander, chemical toxicity or as a reaction to mold. Contaminants in water has been a common irritant in many neighborhoods. Working conditions such as commercial and industrial dishwashing or chronic exposure to chemicals can also be a causal factor.

Diagnosis and Treatment

In most cases, a doctor first diagnoses chronic eczema with visual identification. The condition can appear in different forms, from thick, scarred skin to swollen patches to cracked and bleeding layers. Most times, it will start on the lower leg, the hands, and the elbow. These areas have the most daily contact with the environment and tend to have the earliest symptoms. Eventually, however, cases can progress, and the condition can appear in other areas, such as the back of the neck.

Is There a Cure for Eczema?

Resolving eczema is possible when the root cause is determined. In a standard medical approach, the focus is generally not on determining root cause but on temporarily relieving symptoms with steroid creams and allergy medications. This approach is frequently a short-term Band-Aid which ends up in a recurring issue.

Eczema Reversal

Hoyt Integrative Health has been successfully reversing eczema cases of all types. We are Located in Murrieta, CA, Hoyt Integrative Health can help you recover and get control of your eczema going forward. Call us at (951) 973-0773 to find out more and schedule an appointment.